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RC2022/10: Weekend Two

1 minutes
October 9, 2022

Progress has been… slow. I think most of this is because I had a crazy idea I’ve backtracked on.

I was going to make a custom RPC protocol, so instead of using REST to send/receive tweets, it used this binary protocol I was going to create. It seemed like something I could see someone doing around that time, however it also turned into a lot of work I really can’t be bothered with right now. Maybe it’s something I can flesh out later.

For now, I think the best plan is to use a REST interface. It’s a bit discustingly modern for a Retro Challenge entry, but eh… if I don’t take a few shortcuts I think it’s unlikely I’ll have anything to show at the end of this.

As a result, there’s no progress screenshot here because I’ve basically gone round in circles.