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Different Types of Film

3 minutes
February 24, 2016

The cool thing about shooting film is the choices! There are so many films to choose from – some are fairly basic, day-to-day films, some not so much. I have tried quite a few films, so here are some notes on them. There is some overlap with the Amsterdam On Film

Cinestill 800T

I’m going to start with the most interesting, at least for me. I’ve only actually shot one roll of this, but I enjoyed it enough that I have another couple of rolls ready to go for when I next get a decent opportunity to shoot it. It has a wide latitude (though I did find mine ended up being a little thin, there was still a very nice usable image on the film). I’ve mentioned it before in this series – it is based on Kodak Vision3 500T – they estimate it to be around 800T when processed in C41 (that’s “standard” colour negative processing) but I’ve seen tweets from them claiming it is usable in the range ISO 100-1600 or so without push/pull processing! (though they do say the optimal range is 500-1600)

There is a company in Kent that packages Vision500T without removing the backing. They also offer a processing service which incorporates a step to remove the backing. I’m very tempted to give this a go at some point to see what it’s like.

Kodak Ektar 100

Ilford HP5

Washi X 400 Maskless

This is an odd one! It is ISO 400 colour negative film, but rather than the film base being an orangy colour, it is clear! There isn’t a huge amount written online about this stuff. It is, however, an interesting idea. Supposedly it was originally designed for road traffic surveillance. It is claimed that it can be processed as either negative film (C41) or slide (E6) which makes sense when you think about it since it doesn’t have a mask. I’ve found some photos online where it has been processed as E6 and it doesn’t look bad – though I’d be tempted to process mine as C41 to see how that turns out. I’ll post more on this once I’ve seen the results!

Some Others I Will Be Trying Soon