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ACNode Reader Board

ACNode Reader Board

This is a project I am working on for London Hackspace

The Hackspace access control system uses microcontrollers and a webserver to allow members to access tools as well as the space itself. The nodes are based around TI Connected Launchpad boards, and PN532-based RFID readers.

This project is to improve the reliability of the system, by adding a microcontroller next to the RFID reader, then using RS-422 balanced signaling back to the main microcontroller board. This is to reduce interference.

The implementation I settled on is based around an ATmega88PB or ATmega328PB if future expansion is required.

I designed both the hardware and software on this project, as well as a communications protocol for the RS422 serial line.

Hardware designs and software are available on Github: https://github.com/londonhackspace/acnode-serialreader

This is very much an ongoing project - it has yet to be integrated into the rest of the system.