I Build Things

With Software and Electronics


A few things about me:

After graduating from the Univiersity of York with a BEng degree in Electronic Engineering with Media Technology, I went on to get a job working for a TV broadcast automation company. Initially I worked in the support team, installing and fixing problems on broadcast systems all over the world. I have some “fun” stories from those days, like that time I went to Egypt when there was no government to speak of. After doing support for about a year, I moved to the development team, where I quickly became the main developer responsible for the interfaces to other devices (think video servers, routers, graphics boxes, that sort of thing).

After working there for a few years, I moved onto working for YouView on the TVOS (device middleware) team. Here I worked on many areas of the C++ middleware, including being responsible for the JavaScript interfaces used by the UI team to communicate with the middleware. I also designed and helped write the DVB solution for a future product.

Since then, I’ve been working on a few things:

When I’m not working, I enjoy travelling, and making stupid ideas real (for example, my self clearing desk project)